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Melanie Osborne Wisdom

Professional Experience :



Drafter, Artist on the side

​The 1980 s

  Worked for National Mines Co. and Metec, drawing Mechanical working drawings, Electrical, Hydraulics, and Isometrics for the parts books.

  I also began small commission work at this time, sketching portraits and  small paintings




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Paintings, painted furniture, and started painting small murals

THE 1990 S

  I've always experimented with paint and painting paintings. this is the era I began painting on furniture and most anything that would take gesso and oil paint.



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Goldsmith   / Floodwall Artist 

​The 2000s

  I began working selling jewelry at Pollocks Jewelers they sent me to Virginia to school for Goldsmithing. I enjoyed very much working with gold and diamonds, but the creative world was still in my background. this is when I started my painted purses collection at night.

  Pendleton Art Center opens 2005 I open my first studio there and began my art full time. shortly after I become a co-manager. My Horizons expanded to make my dream world come true. Painting several large-scale murals on floodwalls around Ashland and Cattletsburge and indoor Murals for homes and businesses.

New Age Jewelry school in Virginia Beach
2010 - present
2010 - present

 Kentucky Crafted -Lexington Artist

​The 2020 - present

​  My studio is in The Artist Studios. since being Juried into Kentucky Crafted I've started selling at art shows and festivals. Still taking commission work and painting large-scale murals indoors and an outdoor great place for you to write more. Tell a story about yourself.

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